Ukrainian Angels

In 1998, Cathy Harris went overseas to adopt a child from Ukraine. The attorney she had hired to handle the entire adoption process caused all sorts of problems and Cathy’s adoption was in major jeopardy. Fortunately, she made some wonderful friends in Ukraine and together, they were able to successfully complete her adoption. Since then, she has offered her personal advice and helped make connections for families adopting from Ukraine.

Cathy Harris has provided personal advice to over 875 families who have adopted 1,176 children from Ukraine independently. In the summer of 2000, we were blessed to adopt our son from Ukraine and were Cathy’s family #105. It was a wonderful experience and one that we love to share.

Cathy was such a blessing and help during our independent adoption. If you are planning to adopt from Ukraine, we encourage you to contact Cathy via her website.


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