The following timeline details the sequence of events that took place during our adoption process. We began the process on Jan 4, 2000, and returned home on August 5, 2000. We could have traveled as early as May, but Matt was working a second job to bring in some additional funds. The job lasted until July 11th, and three days later, we were on a plane for Ukraine. Hopefully, this timeline will help you judge the amount of time to expect between steps in your adoption process.

A word of caution though — just because the adoption paperwork could be done within five months, it doesn’t mean that you can be scheduled that quickly.

Date Event
Jan 4 ,2000 Birth certificates & marriage license notarized
Jan 21, 2000 Mailed INS I-600A application
Jan 24, 2000 Mailed home study application
Had our blood work done for dossier
Jan 26, 2000 Results of Anna’s blood work
Jan 27, 2000 INS received I-600A application
Feb 3, 2000 Attended first home study visit
Feb 3, 2000 Anna had medical physical
Received notorized county arrest records
Feb 4, 2000 Matt had physical
Received Anna’s notarized doctor letter
Feb 10, 2000 Received fingerprint scheduling letter
Feb 14, 2000 Had fingerprints taken for INS
Feb 16, 2000 Results of Matt’s blood work
Feb 22, 2000 Received Matt’s notarized doctor letter
Last home study visit
March 15, 2000 Received Anna’s passport
March 18, 2000 Received completed Home study
March 22, 2000 Received I-171 INS approval letter
March 23, 2000 Received Matt’s passport
May 17, 2000 Received notarized city arrest records
May 22, 2000 Purchased airline tickets
May 23, 2000 Received Secretary of State stamps for dossier
May 25, 2000 Sent copy of dossier to Facilitator for translation
May 30, 2000 Mailed dossier for federal/Embassy stamps
Mailed Visa applications
June 16, 2000 Received notice that Embassy has sent dossier to Ukraine
June 19, 2000 Received vaccinations for Tetanus/DP and Hep-A
June 23, 2000 Received passports with visas in them
July 14, 2000 Boarded our flight to Ukraine
July 15, 2000 Arrived in Ukraine
July 17, 2000 Went to the Adoption Center in Kiev
Referred to three boys in Korvohrad orphanage
July 18, 2000 Received permission to visit orphanage from Municipal Counsel
Visited orphanage in Korvohrad region
July 19, 2000 Returned to the Adoption Center in Kiev
Referred to four boys in Simferopol orphanage
July 20, 2000 Received permission to visit orphanage from Municipal Counsel
Visited Simferopol orphanage in Crimea region
Met our baby boy, Conner Elijah (Eel’ya)
July 21, 2000 Visited Notary to sign documents for adoption
Visited Municipal Counsel to begin adoption process
July 24, 2000 Received approval letter from Municipal Counsel
Sent documents to Kiev for approval by Adoption Center
July 25, 2000 Passport pictures taken of Conner
July 26, 2000 Received approval letter from Adoption Center
Court date set
July 28, 2000 Court date. Adoption completed of Conner. Ten days waived.
Completion of travel documents, passport, etc
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