Our Adoption

After confirming that we were unable to have any children biologically, we decided we wanted to adopt. After much prayer and research, we decided to adopt from eastern Europe. During our search, we came across Cathy Harris. Cathy had gone through a very difficult adoption experience herself and had dedicated herself to giving advice and making connections for other families adopting from Ukraine.

We became connected with other families who had adopted or were in the process of adopting from Ukraine through Cathy’s help. In the summer of 2000, we were blessed to adopt our son from Ukraine. It was a wonderful experience and one that we love to share.

We created this website to assist families who are thinking about adopting from Ukraine. We are not an agency, facilitator, or lawyer; nor are we affiliated with any of these. We do not take money for any services or information provided. We are simply a normal American family wanting to spread the word on independent Ukraine adoptions based on our and other families’ experiences.

The information on this website is public knowledge and may be outdated. Some things have changed, but others have not. Please be sure to speak with those who have more recent knowledge.

It is our hope to give families like our own, who cannot have children biologically, a way to find their forever children without spending beyond their financial means.